Our Story

Dale Harvey founded Poplar Forest in 2007 after 16 years at the Capital Group, the parent company of American Funds. Few portfolio managers would willingly give up a high profile position managing approximately $20 billion in assets at one of the most respected asset management firms in the world, the Capital Group, the parent company of American Funds. but J. Dale Harvey did. He resigned to found a firm where his team could focus on generating superior risk-adjusted returns, net of fees and taxes, over full market cycles. Today, Poplar Forest Capital is an active boutique investment manager with a high-conviction contrarian approach to value investing, a nine-year performance record and $1.6 billion in client assets.

High Conviction

During his tenure at The Capital Group, at various times Mr. Harvey applied his contrarian value approach to manage components of the American Balanced Fund, American Mutual Fund, Blue Chip Growth & Income Fund, Investment Company of America, SMALLCAP World Fund, and Washington Mutual Investors Fund. However, Dale preferred to work in an environment where he could invest only in his highest-conviction ideas—primarily unpopular, out-of-favor companies with true long-term value.

A Boutique Firm

Poplar Forest’s goal is to remain a flexible, focused boutique asset management firm. While many firms may seek asset growth, we remain sensitive to capacity constraints and aim to maximize results for our client-partners.


Why the name “Poplar Forest?” Mr. Harvey drew inspiration from Thomas Jefferson, the primary author of the United States Constitution and our third President. Dale grew up in Virginia only a few miles away from Poplar Forest, Jefferson’s secluded estate where he removed himself to indulge in his favorite pastimes of reading, studying and thinking.  At Poplar Forest Capital, we continually foster an ethos based on values as enduring as Jefferson’s iconic architecture.

References to other mutual funds should not be interpreted as an offer of these securities.


The Poplar Forest Capital story is one of stewardship and partnership with like-minded investors. Our mission is delivered with passion and humility. We strive to be successful and live by these core values:


  • We put our client-partners first, our associates second, and the company third.
  • We believe in remaining small, so that size won’t impede investment results.
  • We continually strive to exemplify the highest ethical standards.


  • We personally invest alongside our client-partners.
  • We share the benefits of scale with our stakeholders.
  • We treat our associates equitably.


  • With humility, we aim for nothing less than market beating, long-term returns.
  • Even in our convictions, we remember that the other guy may be right.
  • We recognize that mistakes are inherent in investing. We try to admit mistakes early while striving to learn from them.
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